Friday, August 12, 2011

QUIRKY: The light of my life...

I've been doing some lighting research the past few weeks. I'm not sure why. We are planning on buying a new home early next year and I sure as heck am not going to put forth the effort in my current home. Maybe I'm just getting excited about decorating my new home.

Anyway, there are so many different options out there! From DIY to retail stores to buying handmade, the options go on and on. The cool thing about lighting is, if you are drawing a blank on the direction you want to go with decorating a space (or maybe you just have too many directions you are going in) using your lighting as a starting point can really help you out with the rest of the room. Here are some great pieces I've found:

Love this shabby, hand painted chandelier! I can see some sort of shabby, romantic look for a space where this pretty thing could be displayed. 

This chandelier from DreamOn Lighting begs for a cool, contemporary or even industrial setting. I like the crisp, clean look it has, yet it's still a little quirky. 

For the DIY'er, this great conversation piece comes with handy instructions. 

Isn't this sooo cool. Somehow I think that trying to do something like this yourself may cause a little grief, but it's still worth a shot. Maybe I'll even try it!

Or how about some good ol'  fashioned vintage inspiration?

What an absolutely breathtaking piece! This would be great in a foyer with high ceilings. 

Don't have the time or money to invest in new lighting? Check out these great chandelier silhouettes from wallstikas! I love these...

I'm going to use the lighting as inspiration for at least one room once we move into our new home. What pieces do you use for inspiration when decorating?


  1. Hi, I'm a new follower from the EBT. I'm loving the old jar light fixture. It would look wonderful in my rustic home.

  2. I'm actually thinking about attempting the mason jar light fixture! I'll have to document it for sure!